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Can I control how money is left to my children?
Do I need a living trust?
Does all property have to go through probate when a person dies?
How can a trust prevent a guardianship proceeding?
How can an estate plan make things easier on my family after I die?
How can we ensure that the guardians we named for our children have the resources to raise them well?
I made a will twenty years ago when my children were small do I need to change it now?
If I create a revocable living trust do I still need a will?
If I have several children can I treat them differently in my will?
If my spouse and I own everything jointly might a durable power of attorney still be useful?
Is there anything that I can do if I realize that my parents estate planning is incomplete or outdated?
Should I avoid probate?
Should I consider a trust or some other type of special planning for my special needs child?
Should I consider utilizing the services of will and living trust sales operations that use consultants?
What benefits does a trust offer?
What is probate?
What should I consider when developing a long term care plan in Florida?
Who needs estate planning?
Who should be my executor (personal representative) or trustee?
Why should I consider creating a revocable living trust?
Will having a durable power of attorney prevent the need for a guardianship?

Directives and Powers of Attorney

Can I give my agent under a power of attorney the power to make health care decisions for me?
Can I name more than one person as agent?
Do I need to appoint the same person as my agent in my health care power of attorney and financial power of attorney?
How can an estate plan prevent a guardianship proceeding?
I am very concerned about my dads driving how do I get him to stop?
I did some estate planning in the past with my financial advisor should I still consult an estate planning attorney?
If my mother or father is not able to handle her or his own financial matters what can I do?
Is a spouse required to use all of his or her money to pay for the nursing home costs of the other spouse?
Living will power of attorney or advance directive?
Should I put my funeral wishes in my will?
Should I talk with the person I intend to appoint before completing a durable power of attorney?
What do my healthcare documents cover?
What is a living will?
What is an advance directive?
Why have health directives?
Will having a power of attorney and health care proxy in place prevent the need for a guardianship?


What is dementia and how is it related to Alzheimers disease?
What is sundowning and can it affect my wife who has Alzheimers?

Assisted Living

What documents should I have in my estate plan that will help me plan for long term care?
What happens if I become unable to care for myself?
What if I do not want to go to a nursing home?
What is the difference between an assisted living residence and a nursing home?
How do I choose the right assisted living facility or nursing home for my loved one?

Pet Trusts

What is a Pet Trust?
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