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Elder Law Attorney in Gainesville, FL

The Law Offices of Marilyn Cangro Belo provide legal services in the areas of elder law, special needs, guardianship, estate planning and long term care planning. Our mission is to help our clients plan for a sustainable future. Therefore, we serve primarily as a counselor and advisor, helping our clients make the best possible decisions for themselves and their families.

The foundation of our practice is delivering outstanding service that our clients expect and deserve. We take the time to understand you, your family, your concerns, values, and goals. If you need an elder law attorney to assist you in estate planning, long term care, or issues affecting people with disabilities, we’re here for you.

Long Term Care Planning

Long term care planning involves preparations for any possible medical conditions or unforeseen circumstances that may happen to an individual. It would be wise to prepare for any eventuality such as accidents, injury, or physical and cognitive disabilities.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning is for everyone and is so much more than wills. It allows you to decide how you want to live now and give an inheritance to those you will be leaving behind. Most estate plans include a power of attorney, health care directives, trust-based planning, and a last will and testament.


Probate is the legal process for the distribution of the decedent’s property according to the terms of their will. If there is no will, there are laws to direct the distribution of the property.

Medicaid Planning

Nursing home care can be expensive. Most people may not have the financial capacity to cover the costs of long term care. Medicaid benefits often provide financial assistance to provide for long term care. Read more to understand how Medicaid planning works.

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Special Needs

Special needs lawyers focus on resolving legal matters related to people who have disabilities or are differently abled.



Guardianship delegates the decision-making authority for one person to another person. Persons with cognitive difficulties and sometimes children or minors are the subjects of Guardianships.

Pet Trusts

For many people, their pets are more dear and valuable than family or friends. A pet trust involves the creation of a plan for when the owner dies.

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