These are legal determinations by which one person is appointed to by the court to make decisions for and about another person who is determined to be incapacitated. Unfortunately, guardianships are becoming more common as we live longer and many experience the effects of dementia. Advanced planning can reduce the need for guardianships however if that planning is not completed before the person’s capacity is diminished a guardianship is likely necessary. Guardianship advocacy is often the appropriate option for parents of a child with special needs once that child has reached 18 years. Legally that child is an adult with all the rights of an adult. The child’s developmental disabilities, however, may make it difficult, if not dangerous, for the child to be legally competent and a guardianship advocacy is one way for the parent or other other interested person to assume the decision-making for the vulnerable adult. You can call us at 352-448-4500 or  contact our law firm by email to get started! We look forward to working with.